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Chelsea Location

Co-owners and General Managers

John Daniels (President)

Dick McCalla (Vice President and General Manager)

Dennis Bauer (Treasurer and Controller)

John Daniels (General Manager/Advertising, Bridgewater Lumber Subsidiary)

Owner-Builder Sales Consultant

Joe Ewald

Department Heads

Bob Ashby (Decks)

Bart Bauer (Kitchen and Bath Department Manager)

Bryon Birch (Installation Services)

Doug Beaumont (Sales Counter and Floor Manager)

John Houle (Hardware)

Case McCalla(Buyer/Sales)

Dave Morris (Windows)

Shawn Stevens (Commercial Sales Manager)

Darrell Williams (Pole Barns and Garages)


Contractor Sales

Jeff Eder

Kitchen and Bath Designers

Debbie Moorman

Mary Topping

Mamie Wallace

Saline Location

Dan Bowker (Windows and Doors/Sales)

Mike Kempf (Windows and Doors/Installed Sales)

Lance Luckhardt (Outside Sales )

Tracy Slater (Hardware and Commodities Purchaser)

Kitchen and Bath Designers

Jennifer Budd (Kitchen and Bath Department Manager)

Marty Jenkins

Bridgewater Location

Susie Bauer (Bridgewater Store Manager)

Mike Sweeny (Sales)

Cheryl Steiner (Equine Specialist)

Dewitt Location

A gathering place to meet with Chelsea Lumber Experts

120 North Bridge Street, Suite #E, DeWitt, Michigan 48820

517-277-0785, 517-277-0786 fax