Roofers at work

Your home is your biggest investment. Protect it, and everything inside, by keeping your roof, siding, insulation and gutters in great shape. Chelsea Lumber can help with all parts of your home’s exterior weatherization:


To protect your home, start at the top. A new roof is good for your property values and guards against costly leaks. Talk to us about our many lines of durable asphalt shingles from Certainteed, GAF and BP.


New siding does more than just look good and increase your resale value—depending on the product you choose, you can:

  • make maintenance easier and cheaper
  • make your home more energy-efficient
  • protect against serious water or insect damage inside the home

Chelsea Lumber carries siding made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel or cement board, so we’ll always have a product available to fit your style, specifications, and budget.


New or improved insulation can make your home more comfortable and give you huge savings on energy bills. Tax credits or utility incentives often help cut the initial cost. (See for a list of available credits and rebates.

Wood Basements

A wood basement begins with a load-bearing lumber-framed foundation wall sheathed with plywood. It can save time in building and create warm living areas that make a home more comfortable and attractive – and easier to sell. Learn more »


Gutters are an un-glamorous but vital part of your home’s protection from water damage. Properly installed and maintained gutters protect against roof, wall and foundation damage. Call us to discuss your options in gutters and gutter shields to keep water where it belongs—outside your house!

Doors and Windows

See the Doors and Windows section for details on our offerings.

We’ll install it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Weatherproofing is serious business. Let our licensed and insured contractors handle the installation, and your house will be sealed tight in a timely manner. Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied.